Boston based producer Ennis Glendon aka Moldy crafts dark, mind-bending sound system music with an unwavering minimal approach.  A veteran DJ of over twenty years, he is recognized as a pioneer of the US dubstep movement.  A fixture at the legendary Dub War parties in New York City and resident at the long running Boston night BASSIC, his productions have garnered support from top names in the underground, leading to the formation of his Heavy Pressure Recordings imprint in 2006 and releases on labels including ‘Earwax, Embassy, and TUBA.


“Moldy’s sound has maintained the same anxious, eerie, perverse sensibility that it always has, which has an impact on people on a dance floor that is hard to describe without witnessing it firsthand.”

Dave Q, Boston Globe, March 14, 2013

“One of the early key figures responsible for ushering in the dubstep sound stateside.”

John DeWitt, HighOnBeats.com (March 4, 2013)

“In building upon each layer of sound, he incorporates spine-tingling frequencies over blood-boiling bass that has a seemingly cathartic effect. It’s this kind of seamless production and delicate balance of calculated rebellion that gives dubstep such sex appeal and depth.”

JoAnna Di Tullio, DigBoston.com (Feb 3, 2012)

“Moldy, Distal, Vaccine, Mite, Sines, DJG and Badawi, to name a few – have kept to the deep and exploratory drive of the early days…”

Mixmag (Dec 12, 2011)

“This is bass music at it’s finest, in all its restrained, bleak glory.”

– Big Up Magazine (Jun 06, 2010)

“As a veteran of American dubstep, Moldy deserves a lot of credit for introducing US audiences to the dark, bass-heavy universe of dub this and dub that.”

– Flavorwire (Apr 19, 2010)

“New England sub assassin and New York City dubstep pioneer Moldy returns with yet another spectacularly heady tune…” “…a hypnotic and bubbling experience that will make your subwoofers and dancefloors very, very happy.”

– The Kronicle (Mar 03, 2010)

“The U.S. dubstep powerbase continues to grow around two lynchpins: Joe Nice and New York’s Dub War parties. Most prominent of the new producers is Moldy.”

– Martin Clark, Pitchfork (Jun 07, 2006)