Dub War Podcast 12

An hour of exclusive Moldy productions that hit frequencies which are sure to tickle your nether regions. The Portland, Maine resident and founder of Heavy Pressure Recordings has been quietly leading the charge of US dubstep producers from day one. In a club setting, his melodies insinuate themselves into your subconscious and his oozing sub-bass frequencies are known to unsettle even the most hardened raver. A first rate set of all original material by one of the most consistently under-recognized talents in dubstep.


01. Through the Rain
02. Authenticate
03. Regenerate (Death of Brostep)
04. Bad Habits (Brixton VIP)
05. Barleycorn (VIP)
06. Cod & Chips (2010 Mix)
07. All I Want
08. Witness
09. Way Of The Road
10. Hymn Of The Plants
11. Badman
12. No Means To Smoke It
13. Pegasus
14. We Move Together
15. Back It Up

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Dub War Podcast 12 – Moldy by Moldy

2 Replies to “Dub War Podcast 12”

  1. He There My name is goretechz. this is not my real name ofcourse but my producer name.
    I Really like your productions,i like they different sound and dark,grimey athmosphere. i like to make music myself but i am not an proffesional producer or anything. My songs are dark and grimey as well and i think thst they resamble your tracks somethimes. I would like to ask you if you might be intrested in listening to some of my tracks on soundcloud. I still need to upload them but if you would want to listen to them you can send an email to goretechz@hotmail.com and i will give you the url. i hpoe to hear from you soon best regards Goretechz

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