Dub War V

With our original venue Rothko shut down by the cops the night before, we took refuge in the chapel room at Avalon. And it was big. Too big.

Please enjoy the following video and photos provided by Seckle.
Big up the man for recording history in the making.

Video 1: Download
Video 2: Download
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Loefah & pokes streaming live on the 1200’s with Joe Nice and Juakali outside. eastvillageradio streetfront HQ. 1st avenue, manhattan.

Moldy prepares the avalon for bassweight…

Loefah at avalon with Pokes. Pints on the ledge…standard!

Loefah and Pokes running the dance!

Avalon chapel crowd during Loefah! Can you find miniskirt woman?

Dave Q with MC Juakali and Moldy.

MC Joe Nice….a rare rare moment! Dubwar Exclusive! lol

Dave Q and Juakali

Dave Q and Juakali again!

Joe Nice on the wheels with Juakali.

Juakali….throws up 5 for the reload!