EMB016: Wheez-ie & Moldy

Catalogue EMB016
Release Date 10/14/2013
Distributed by ST Holdings, LTD.
Mastered by Mark @ Prairie Cat

the A1 track, Wheez-ie’s, FIVE FINGERED SALUTE, is a stripped down bass heavy 808 laden club smasher. it’s one of those rare tracks with wide appeal across a lot of different audiences. a track that defies genre categorization and will easily fit into every dj’s set, it’s just that simple. Street affirming vocal hooks, tuff drums and eerie chords define the phrase “CLUB TRACK.” oh yea, did i mention it’s even got a nod to Cajmere’s – It’s Time For the Percolator? Who DOESN’T love rave lazer, LFO’d staccato synths?!

on the A2 track, it’s almost as if the title, YOU LOSE, is what WHEEZ-IE’s saying if you think you have this track pegged. Stomping drums and a bubbly, aggressive acid line lay the foundations on this cut. One might think that’s all this track is about, however, WHEEZ-IE throws us a curve ball in the middle of the tune with a nostalgic 90s atmospheric pads and crunchy metal percussive FX as a juxtaposition the acid and transport us from the present into a dark, dank warehouse somewhere circa 1992.

starting off the B side right is MOLDY’s ALL I WANT. THE definitive american, DUB WAR anthem. if i had a dollar for every time i’ve heard this dropped, rewound, dropped then rewound again at the now legendary club night i could pay rent, plain and simple. MOLDY’s ability to create a complex reaction of different emotions in the listener with this song truly showcases his craft as a SONG WRITER. An uncompromising vision is how he risked it all with having the initial drop have no kick, no snare and nothing but the bass riff and vocal sample playing off each other. The shear power of the bassline working in layers of three different octaves is simply unmatched amongst today’s Beatport top 40 dubstep “tracks.” a nice, often subdued, funky drum pattern with emphasis on high frequencies working alongside the organic progression of this song’ s arrangement is sublime. You really have to experience this one for yourself on a LOUD sound system for full appreciation.

MOLDY comes correct rounding out the release with THROUGH THE RAIN, another DUB WAR anthem. This one is a homage to old school Jungle and Dub. A melodic, very moody roller with heavy emphasis on drum work and Dub Reggae influences. If ALL I WANT is an excellently cooked steak, then THROUGH THE RAIN is the fine red wine you’d pair it with. Expanding on his definition of “lush” beautiful chords, lush delayed guitar, backing chorus and a flute that seems to fit perfectly in the design. These feature elements are propped up by simple and functional shuffling drum work.

This 12″ is a true collectors piece with support from Paul Devro, 5kindandbone5, Mele, Mala, DJG and Joe Nice.




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