Live at Camouflage: 12/13/05

Live at Camouflage, December 13th, 2005.

01. Selector Moldy – “Cold Blooded Strut” (Unsigned)
02. Deep Blue – “Who Got The Beats?” (Offshore)
03. Third Rail – “Return of the Apprentice” (Covert Operations)
04. Dak – “Nutcase” (Counter Intelligence)
05. Amit – “MK Ultra” (Commercial Suicide)
06. Alpha Omega – “Analyze Dem” (Forestry Service)
07. Nucleus & Paradox – “Love Her” (Esoteric)
08. Martyn – “Black Lies” (Revolve:r)
09. Alpha Omega – “Adjust” (Counter Intelligence)
10. Selector Moldy – “For The Fuck Of It” (Unsigned)
11. Graphic – “I Am Metal” (Offshore)
12. Selector Moldy – “Shoot It Down” (Dubplate)
13. Martsman – “Ago” (Commercial Suicide/Offshore)
14. Fractional – “Humbug” (Counter Intelligence)
15. K – “Oblivious” (Subtitles)
16. Selector Moldy – “Assassin” (Counter Intelligence)
17. Klute & Pieter-K – “Material Trip” (Commercial Suicide/Offshore)


4 Replies to “Live at Camouflage: 12/13/05”

  1. Hey man, nice tunes! The excellent selections in this mix and the fact you’ve got tunes coming out on CI, thermal,offshore & forestry service caught my eye. wicked mix & tunes, love to hear more



  2. What a refreshing selection of tracks. Really feeling your productions as well. I hope your tunes get released really soon. I’ll be spreading the word.

  3. first of all: sick selection!!

    not to mention i like yer dnb tracks just as much as i like yer dubstep (which is alot haha)..good mix too.


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