TUBA005 Now Available!

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 4.07.36 PM

TUBA is pleased to announce their latest release
from Moldy. His latest 12”, is dropping mid-March,
2013 worldwide.

Regenerate (Death of Brostep) leads the record as
a stark, deep, and compelling minimal manifesto.
Moldy soundly rejects the noise-oriented approach
that so many producers are taking. With serious
bass weight and a less-is-more-aesthetic,
Regenerate (Death of Brostep) encourages
discussion about the direction dubstep is taking.

Bad Habits (Brixton VIP) on the flip comes correct
as a great contrast to the A side. The track runs
with deep sub bass and deft Amen style breaks
with great effect, ominous and dark.

Daega Soundʼs stunning remix of Regenerate
finishes off the record masterfully. The
reinterpretation by this Vancouver based duo
(brothers as well) puts the original in a less linear
context, with a deep dancefloor in mind.