Moldy Live at Grime City, San Francisco, CA 01/18/08

(Photos: Miro)

With Emcee Child and MC Entitee


Track List:
Moldy VIP – Moldy
Raw Material – Elemental
Debris – J Kenzo
Protocal – Wascal
Get Scared – Compound One
REWIND Get Scared – Compound One
Hymn of the Plants – Moldy
Badman – Moldy
Creeper – Barrelhead
Time is Now – TRG
On The Fence – Sines
V – Distance
REWIND V – Distance
Dub Station X – Digital
REWIND Dub Station X – Digital
REWIND Dub Station X – Digital
Jugular – Mudfoot
REWIND Jugular – Mudfoot
Worded – Grapes
Junktion – Peverelist
They Know – TRG
REWIND They Know – TRG
Callahan – James
REWIND Callahan – James
Dirty South Riddim – Mayhem & Subliminal
Horny Teen – Headhunter
Tag – Bombaman
Now it’s Dark – Moldy
Cod & Chips – Moldy
More Music – Digital
Tardis: Original Takeoff Sequence – Brian Hodgson

2 Replies to “Moldy Live at Grime City, San Francisco, CA 01/18/08”

  1. dude. really digging the mix & the mc.(the 1st mc! second one cramps the mix) prime selecting, smooth mixing,definatly bringing on the heavy pressure.

    my wife digs the mix….for this household, that says alot.

    i had both heavy pressure realeases in our shop, & have been a fan since i heard windmill dub/black forrest.

    keep up the great work, send a shout if your ever dropping in texas.


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